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 Mobil Webbyrå – The Best Business Opportunity


A Mobil Webbyrå looks like an app and provides a quick overview of including your menu, pictures, location and phone number so you can book directly. A normal desktop website is not best for smartphone. At the moment, over 50% of Internet traffic comes from smartphone. Web design is, after news on the number 2 when it comes to searches on mobile phones. So it is very important that you're mobile friendly! You do not have to do it yourself.

Mobil Webbyrå can in most cases, take texts and photos from your desktop website. The first version of your mobile website delivered to you within three business days. Web design companies will contact you to see if everything is satisfactory or that the website should be so completely satisfied.


Facts from the examination of Sweden:

More than 50% of the Internet is already a smartphone; 95% of the industry is currently still 'mobile unfriendly'; More than 7 million smartphones in the Sweden; More than 1.3 million mobile searches per month are business related; Tremendous growth in trade related searches on mobile phones; Google gives priority to websites in search results with a mobile version “Wordpress Hemsida”;


Why chooseMOBILE Websites?

You want more reservations;You want more followers / fans get social media such as Twitter / Facebook;You want the best price / quality;You want to free himself later add buttons or make other changes;You want a fast free business hosting included for optimal speed;You want a mobile website specially designed for business entrepreneurs;You want your own log-in for easy text and photos can customize;You want to do business with a company that provides good service.


A Mobil Webbyrå loads much faster than a normal website because there is less use of graphics and large files. The mobile website is much more user friendly because it is specifically designed for use on a smaller screen. In or out is no longer necessary and the mobile user thus keeps clear overview. The content of a mobile website is specifically aimed at mobile use.


Want to see how your mobile website will look like? Feel free to ask for a free demo!

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